WSJ’s Facebook Files: behind the scandals and the paywall

The documents paint a horrid picture of Facebook’s criminal negligence in policing their platform, their ruthless pursuit of profits over the people that made them billionaires, and that they understood their harm the whole time. In short, we now know what Facebook knew and when it knew it.

The problem with “doing your own research:” most people are bad at it

It’s important to note that Nicki says she will receive the vaccine because she’ll need it to tour and to protect her son. But with an important caveat: she won’t get it until she’s “done her research.” And it’s that specific phrasing that’s the real issue here.

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson’s money grab summer

The pair are two (very) prolific actors, which means they’ll always have a job if they want it…but it also means they’re prone to put out some flops. And after watching their summer “blockbusters,” it’s pretty clear that these guys just needed some beer money.

The teeth are back and mad at the Oscars

Welcome back to Mouthful of teeth where, after a brief hiatus, I will be upset at the way the Oscars screwed up once again and happy with the way terrible people are getting what’s coming to them.

The correct choices for every Oscar Award

This almost certainly won’t match up with who the Academy will choose, but I digress. While they may not be the right choices, they are the correct ones.

The winners and losers of the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards

The Grammys — and awards shows in general — nearly always misunderstand what their audience wants to see. If it’s the Oscars, the audience wants to see more of the awards, but the Grammys finally figured out they never pick the best winner, so they might as well present as few awards as possible and focus on the music