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The top-10 singles of a very young 2021

I think a list of what you should be listening to is a great use of your time this weekend. 2021 is shaping up to be another good year for music, so let’s highlight a top 10 of the year so far

Nomadland rejects the hipster dream of van-life

Van-life is the latest trend of young adults partaking in a trendy form of houselessness by converting a van or short bus into a posh living space. Nomadland, however, ignores these hobbyists to focus instead, on the vast majority of houseless people

Defining authoritarianism in the wake of a coup

As embarrassing and infuriating as the storm on the Capitol was, it didn’t exist in a vacuum and it wasn’t spontaneous. “News” outlets like Fox and Breitbart stroked the flames of January 6th’s terror attack under the guise of stopping an oppressive government. The problem with this messaging isn’t that it downplays the risks of authoritarianism, but that it doesn’t know what authoritarianism really looks like. To mitigate that, here are three sources of media to better acquaint yourself with the concept

Taylor Swift’s Evermore Review

Taylor Swift released her sister album to Folklore, but the constant refrain throughout these sister albums, however, is that they don’t enjoy the same commercial success as their predecessors despite their caliber

The Crown Season 4 – Where Brits take a backseat to their oppressors

After you get past the brilliant cast of characters playing people far uglier than them and the Hans Zimmer intro music, you’re left with the shell of a show that sought out to explore the personal feelings of a family whose internal workings were as rotten as the medieval structures that prop them up

Performative Wokeness on the rise

With any struggle against an oppressive system, when a movement becomes so loud that it can no longer be ignored, the institution in power will try to pacify the protesters with symbolic concessions rather than real change