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The Crown Season 4 – Where Brits take a backseat to their oppressors

After you get past the brilliant cast of characters playing people far uglier than them and the Hans Zimmer intro music, you’re left with the shell of a show that sought out to explore the personal feelings of a family whose internal workings were as rotten as the medieval structures that prop them up

Performative Wokeness on the rise

With any struggle against an oppressive system, when a movement becomes so loud that it can no longer be ignored, the institution in power will try to pacify the protesters with symbolic concessions rather than real change

A statue of racism is a statue worth tearing down

Protests continue around the world against racism and, in particular, police brutality there has been a new avenue of rebellion: tearing down statues. The first wave to come down focused on notable idiot explorer, slave driver, genocider, and man who never set foot on United States soil nor figured out he wasn’t actually in India: Christopher Columbus.

Without Arts and Humanities, a college is no longer a place of higher learning

Undergraduate students hear “what are you going to do with that degree” and the answer I always had was “whatever I want.” Because while a business degree ensures you can get any lower-tier job you want at a franchise somewhere, humanities degrees teach you much more valuable skills

What happened to the 90-minute movie?

I had a couple of friends over and we watched the Darren Aronofsky’s 2010 hit, Black Swan. Apart from earning him a Best Picture nomination and Natalie Portman her only (and well deserved) Oscar, there was something even more excited about this movie that I had forgotten: it’s short.