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The top-10 singles of a very young 2021

I think a list of what you should be listening to is a great use of your time this weekend. 2021 is shaping up to be another good year for music, so let’s highlight a top 10 of the year so far

Kyrsten Sinema’s Diary 3/5/2021

It’s your fav #girlboss here again diary! Unfortunately, I didn’t slay as hard as I usually do, and a lot of people are mad at me. All because I voted no on some silly wage bill!

Nomadland rejects the hipster dream of van-life

Van-life is the latest trend of young adults partaking in a trendy form of houselessness by converting a van or short bus into a posh living space. Nomadland, however, ignores these hobbyists to focus instead, on the vast majority of houseless people

The plight of vegetarians

Vegetarians are the vanguard of climate warriors, but they struggle from plights the general public is unaware of…until now

Shrek, the Unacknowledged Hero of Queer Youth, 20 Years Later

Shrek debuted on April 22, 2001 to a country in the grips of conservatism, especially towards LGBTQ+ people. In this kind of environment, it’s easy to see why children’s media wasn’t rushing over each other to create the first Love, Simon, so the queer youth of the day had to latch on to any representation they could find.

How Capitalism is going to solve the pandemic

Every few days, there’s a new update on the COVID 19 vaccine and its distribution. While, on the surface, this is great news (and it is), there’s a persisting problem we haven’t addressed: what are we going to do with the idiots that don’t want to take it.

How to make good coffee without being a pretentious asshole

How do you make good coffee? Do you start buying your beans from a sketchy guru online or weighing your coffee grounds before you dump them in the pot? Hell no, I’ll teach you the easy (and cheap) way to get great coffee every morning

Titanic: the love story that isn’t lovely nor a good story

For those born in the ‘90s, there is a movie that each of us have had the misfortune of seeing. Whether it be with the significant other you’re trying to charm or a friend that promised you this was one of “the movies of our generation,” there was no escaping James Cameron’s Titanic. One problem: it’s a terrible movie