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Joe Manchin: Conflict Resolution Expert

Think Joe Manchin is incompetent because he won’t get rid of the filibuster? Wait until you see his conflict resolution skills in action

Cruella: the de Vil Wears Prada

No one was asking for Cruella’s backstory. Nobody that is, but queer men, and the best way to pander to us? Recreate the Devil Wears Prada

The teeth are back and mad at the Oscars

Welcome back to Mouthful of teeth where, after a brief hiatus, I will be upset at the way the Oscars screwed up once again and happy with the way terrible people are getting what’s coming to them.

The correct choices for every Oscar Award

This almost certainly won’t match up with who the Academy will choose, but I digress. While they may not be the right choices, they are the correct ones.