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The problem with “doing your own research:” most people are bad at it

It’s important to note that Nicki says she will receive the vaccine because she’ll need it to tour and to protect her son. But with an important caveat: she won’t get it until she’s “done her research.” And it’s that specific phrasing that’s the real issue here.

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson’s money grab summer

The pair are two (very) prolific actors, which means they’ll always have a job if they want it…but it also means they’re prone to put out some flops. And after watching their summer “blockbusters,” it’s pretty clear that these guys just needed some beer money.

Lorde emerges after 4 years to say stop being sad already

After four years, Lorde, one of the biggest names in pop music came out of hiding and released a new album. The album is called Solar Power and explores just what Lorde’s been up to since 2017; namely, gaining perspective.

Why Jeopardy! needs LeVar Burton, from a longtime fan

There’s been a power vacuum since November 2020. ’m not talking about a vacuum in Washington, DC, I’m talking about Los Angeles on the set of one of the most important shows in American history: Jeopardy!

Bachelorette week 9 recap: weaponized insecurity

his is week 9 of Katie’s “journey” and it’s finally time for Greg to expose himself for the petulant child he’s hinted at all season. Men like that weaponize their insecurity when they don’t receive what they want, and I’ve never felt more vindicated in my assessment of him than this blowup.

Bachelorette week 7 recap: “you remind me of my mom”

They were in a full spooning position and had just talked about “humping,” so this might’ve been the creepiest thing he could’ve said. Maybe “I have a bunch of your hair in my suitcase” would’ve been worse, but I’m not positive.